I am 22 years of age. I am passionately curious. And I am invigorated by useful information.

Writing has been my personal escape. I find insightful and well-written articles/books/novels to be enjoyable. I already love sharing information and writing, so I have none the less been inspired to create my own op-ed here. To give you a idea of my style and interest, I typically read anything by Robert Greene, Henry Thoreau, Einstein, Michael Lewis, Thomas Friedman, Warren Buffet,  among many others (yes, its a diverse list).

I consider myself to be critical observer, at times even cynical; this enables me to see “the big picture” with more clarity and objectivity. I find contradictions, trends, random musings, and art of all forms to be interesting. My objective is to form opinions around an unusual truth, and share that truth with the world.


  1. Dew Dew says:

    Hello dear: ) thx for commenting on my post. I’m about 23.
    As I mentioned in my follow-up comment, I’ve been reading Robert Green’s Art of Seduction. I should explore some of his others since this one is rather interesting.

    You’re passionately curious. I’d like to describe myself as fatally curious.

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