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The Billionaire Givers

Posted: April 10, 2011 in Archive

I found this op-ed article in the NYT ( interesting. It is a fascinating characterization of some of the world wealthiest billionaires and their efforts in philanthropy – particularly Paul Allen and Bill Gates. The founders of Microsoft had experienced a lot of internal turmoil- before they could be such philanthropists- on their road to success. The disgusting amounts of money they amassed seemed to divide their relationship as best friends and business partners. Despite these billionaire boy differences, they’ve pledged to give half of their wealth away before they die. So, the editor is right when he mentions that they will surely have changed the lives, no matter the criticism of public opinion, of those who aren’t fortunate.

I found the writer’s contrast of Donald Trump amusing:

“Consider the alternative. Donald Trump, whose glitzy garbage litters the land, is best known for having an ego bigger than a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day balloon. In his case, the helium is the hair. “The beauty of me,” he said the other day, “is that I am very, very rich.”

Oh, and this may be a potential Presidential candidate for 2012 too – great?!. Not. Oh, and there may be a reality show too if he’s elected – “The White House World: DC”. Even though he isn’t my favorite candidate for the election, the man has lot of wit, to be a whistle blower behind Obama’s “fake” birth certificate. I am interested in hearing that outcome..

Anyway, to wrap-up, Billionaires and their philanthropy. For all the wealthy people out there, philanthropy isn’t as common as we would hope. According to the NYT, “In 2001, Independent Sector, a nonprofit organization focused on charitable giving, found that households earning less than $25,000 a year gave away an average of 4.2 percent of their incomes; those with earnings of more than $75,000 gave away 2.7 percent.” That’s sad even if it was a decade ago. The fact that these grown-up billionaires made a pledge to give a majority of their wealth deserves uber amounts of credit; this list,, is who we can give credit to. Cheers to them!

Giving back  is an unusual trend, believe it or not, that is worth noting. This article may serve as a nice reminder for yourself to be giving. Remember, giving comes in so many forms…the point is it is selfless and your helping someone else out of the kindness of your heart.  The feeling of giving is remarkable, and is spiritually transformative – you move from only helping yourself to helping others. Looking for a sense of higher fulfillment?

Well, giving is a remedy that never stops healing.

My question for you is how are you giving? How are you helping others? Tomorrow is great time to start, if you haven’t already…