Memory Breakthrough for the Average Joe

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Archive

Now, I first came across Joshua when he made an appearance on the Colbert Report (Colbert Interview) promoting his book, “Moonwalking with Einstein”. He has an incredible story of a rather forgetful journalist, who makes an unlikely path towards success when he discovers his potential to conquer his ability to memorize. He not only improved his memory 1000x over, but he became a national US champion for his memory speed four years ago. Of course there are outliers. He did train with one of the most polished mental “athletes” in the world and practiced for a full year. But, to his credit, this a breakthrough for an average “Joe”! Imagine the possibilities, if we all had Joshua’s ability to remember?

This type of research and mental breakthroughs for the brain are becoming more common. As I have personally noticed, since I have subscribed to, my neuro-performance has improved through the websites “BPI” (Brain Processing Index). Lumosity was started by a bunch of “wicked” smart neuroscientists who decided they could statistically improve our brain processes (like cognition, attention, memory, etc.) through making engaging games. I won’t bore you with science behind all this, but I’d encourage everyone to either purchase Joshua’s new book or subscribe to Lumosity, like me!


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