What Makes a Good Idea?

Posted: February 25, 2011 in Archive

This is question seems rather obvious from the onset, but I bet you not many of us can answer this question with confidence.  I see most of our society at the labor of “good” ideas, rather than the producers of them. Treat this line of thinking like you would if you had to re-teach yourself how to ride a bike – remember everything you were taught and how you learned it. This thought process tends to stimulate “original” thought by reconstructing the obvious and reaffirming the most simple concepts (as I have witnessed from attending my philosophy classes).

Here is how I would qualify a “good” idea. Keep in mind I am looking at it from a consumer point of view. Ask yourself, is it….

1. simple

2. convenient

3. feasible

4. problem-solving *I would argue is the most important

5. universal

6. sustainable

I would identify these characteristics as the core of a good idea. I don’t use a “great” idea because I believe great ideas depend on much more than its make-up. Great ideas hinge on the person(s) determination, adaptability, execution, and economic influences…

Let quickly put a “good” idea to the test. Facebook is relevant and contemporary example considering my last blog. It’s  simple (easy to use — at least for us Gen Y’s), convenient (access it on your computer, phone, car), feasible (FREE to use), universal (anyone and anyone can use it…from Egypt to China to Alabama), problem-solving (solved that big problem of connecting with just about anyone in the world – ha,ha) and it has is sustained (meaning withstood time, like more than 5 years – dominating the social web for 7 now). You can say the same about companies who have built their good ideas around a company like Coke, Pepsi, Vitamin Water, Microsoft, McDonalds, etc.

I’ve put together a foundation for a good idea, so now it’s up to you to brainstorm your own. I would encourage/challenge you to use my criteria against your newest idea and qualify it on its overall viability – maybe even score it on a scale of 1 to 10. Here is another site describing what a good idea consists of –  http://asix.org.au/content/what-makes-good-idea.

Why do I write this entry you might ask? This blog is IMPORTANT because all it takes is an idea to change the world, to move our economy, to liberate each other, to live a better life, and to make that million dollar income we all wish we had!

This is what makes an entrepreneur…a generator of ideas; a free and independent thinker not confined to the norms society imposes on us.



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