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Has Technology Gone Too Far?

Posted: February 27, 2011 in Archive

I think everyone should watch this video for the sake of common knowledge.

It’s incredible how much progress there has been in technology. I am not even out of my twenties yet, and yet AOL dial-up is considered an ancient and obsolete form of connecting to the internet. Now, we have a Watson. The human computer, whose behavior is controlled by precise signals rooted in man-made algorithms.  I can’t help but wonder about the future of such a technology. To think a 100 years ago, no one would of  believed such a technology was possible or even comprehensible. Can you imagine what to expect a 100 years from now in 2111? There will be thousands of Watson taxi drivers in NYC helping reduce traffic and increase safety and efficiency (which may prove to be safer anyway). Sky is the limit..

Watson has revolutionized the concept of human-to-computer interaction. Our culture could experience a significant shift if this technology goes mainstream. I don’t want to begin making too many crazy implications, but it sure is mind-boggling to think about. It’s no longer an ideology. It’s true. Humans can interacts with computers and behave like each other. Computer power has grown exponentially over the last three decades, and its starting to become a scary.

If this blog excites you, then you should check this link out below. This is Time Magazines Top 50 inventions for 2010:,28757,2029497,00.html


What Makes a Good Idea?

Posted: February 25, 2011 in Archive

This is question seems rather obvious from the onset, but I bet you not many of us can answer this question with confidence.  I see most of our society at the labor of “good” ideas, rather than the producers of them. Treat this line of thinking like you would if you had to re-teach yourself how to ride a bike – remember everything you were taught and how you learned it. This thought process tends to stimulate “original” thought by reconstructing the obvious and reaffirming the most simple concepts (as I have witnessed from attending my philosophy classes).

Here is how I would qualify a “good” idea. Keep in mind I am looking at it from a consumer point of view. Ask yourself, is it….

1. simple

2. convenient

3. feasible

4. problem-solving *I would argue is the most important

5. universal

6. sustainable

I would identify these characteristics as the core of a good idea. I don’t use a “great” idea because I believe great ideas depend on much more than its make-up. Great ideas hinge on the person(s) determination, adaptability, execution, and economic influences…

Let quickly put a “good” idea to the test. Facebook is relevant and contemporary example considering my last blog. It’s  simple (easy to use — at least for us Gen Y’s), convenient (access it on your computer, phone, car), feasible (FREE to use), universal (anyone and anyone can use it…from Egypt to China to Alabama), problem-solving (solved that big problem of connecting with just about anyone in the world – ha,ha) and it has is sustained (meaning withstood time, like more than 5 years – dominating the social web for 7 now). You can say the same about companies who have built their good ideas around a company like Coke, Pepsi, Vitamin Water, Microsoft, McDonalds, etc.

I’ve put together a foundation for a good idea, so now it’s up to you to brainstorm your own. I would encourage/challenge you to use my criteria against your newest idea and qualify it on its overall viability – maybe even score it on a scale of 1 to 10. Here is another site describing what a good idea consists of –

Why do I write this entry you might ask? This blog is IMPORTANT because all it takes is an idea to change the world, to move our economy, to liberate each other, to live a better life, and to make that million dollar income we all wish we had!

This is what makes an entrepreneur…a generator of ideas; a free and independent thinker not confined to the norms society imposes on us.


The Cultural Shock of Facebook

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Archive

Facebook. Facebook. Facebook. Now, even that word, doesn’t need to be translated to be understood from a foreigner. Social media has transformed the way we (humans of course, unless animals have developed a sophisticated voice box I am unaware of) communicate with each other. Facebook has governed the social scene on the internet for the last 7 years. Myspace? Elementary school? One in the same now. Let’s not go there today. They (FB) has created the world’s most interesting party – even more interesting than the Dos Equis commercials – and there is about 600M ppl  in attendance, global, worth upwards of $50B, and it never ends (now that the avg person spends more time on the site than personal email) Talk about a lavish party? Obama’s party for Hu Jintao wouldn’t even come close here – ha,ha. Not to mention strikingly addictive? Ummm…..yes. Imagine, 100 years from now, there will  definitely be a disorder for Facebook — Hyper Attention Facebook Disorder (HAFD)?

What does all this mean though? It means a new medium has emerged in the 21st century. It has created a culture  for those where privacy is uncommon, transparency is welcomed, pictures are revered, and openness is celebrated.

This culture, Facebook has created, is quite frankly amusing. It has caused me to seriously examine the behavioral trends of one another – well, at least, my age group of friends. Has any one noticed if an attractive female, with a coke bottle figure, decides to post provocative pictures of herself….she instantly becomes what I like to call “Facebook Famous”? Meaning, she receives up to 15 friend requests a day from “rando’s”, and probably has well over 2000 “friends” since her last picture in a swimsuit – most of whom she has no “real” relationship with. C’mon?! My first reaction is shocking, second, is okay I accept it..I guess. I can see how desperate, vulnerable male mongrels who prey on Facebook’s most admired women for their looks and features friend (as a verb — weird I know) these superficial, attention-craving women. I mean, after all, isn’t it as close as their ever going to get? This may seem harsh. But, by no means, does this apply to everyone, or in every male/female case.  “To each is own”. There very well can be a justifiable explanation to friend a random, beautiful woman. Don’t get me wrong, we’ll all got that urge to friend that breathtakingly, hot girl that just happened to be suggested to be your friend in the right corner of your home screen — I know I did. That leads me to my next observation, now because so many guys have decided to “creeeeep” on these attractive women, it’s giving us friendly and confident guys a bad name anytime we decide to send a message, or poke (which I never do), or friend!? Seriously, that’s almost not fair? Another great male stereotype layered on by media. Sweet. And as an aside, guys, if I learned anything from Facebook, its pictures can be unbelievably deceiving …thanks to the advent of photoshop and should I say lighting –  clap it up for Thomas Edison? Not.

Anyway, that is the first and most obvious trend I noticed. Now, more than ever, has looks meant more to us unfortunately. If you look at the economics, the more friends you have, the better looking you are, the more powerful your page is, the better chances you have at succeeding (all else being equal – considering you don’t have anything “criminal” or too risqué posted); especially, if your career is in acting, modeling, bartending, or finding suga daddy’s. Yes, I know, personality matters….and that will never change in my opinion! But, let’s not forget that old saying, your only as powerful as who you associate with or you are who you associate with or it’s all about who you know..That holds true still, right? Well, Facebook draws very definitive and bold lines around that network of yours.  It will be much easier to trace and track down a successful network of an individual than ever before, which is the good news. You may rebut, and say LinkedIn has this ability too, but it’s not really much of a social experience, than it is a collection of online business cards and handshake exchanges (in my opinion at least).

Anyway, I will cut this blog short because it seems to be getting awfully long for an average attention span (or mine for that matter). Twitter won’t let you post this anyway because its over 140 characters…shame on them! I’d love to hear more thoughts on your perceptions of this new online social culture we live, which practically constitutes acountry in itself minus all those natural resources you would need to survive. Then again, there is Zynga and Farmville…we may be all set.

I’ve been “deflowered”  by WordPress now, so let the comments roll in. Thank you!


Hello world!

Posted: February 11, 2011 in Archive

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!